The applications of synthetic turf worldwide are numerous and extremely wide-ranging. The scope of application has broadened greatly over the past few years due to the improved technologies used in the production of the yarn and/or filament and in the construction of the turf.


Sports is the most obvious and familiar area of application for synthetic turf. Synthetic turf made the breakthrough into wide-ranging applications in ball sports, particularly hockey, football, American football, rugby and tennis, but now also in sports that are increasing in popularity, such as Lacrosse. In golf, areas surrounding the green, and the greens themselves can be made using synthetic turf.

    • Hockey

All professional and semi-professional hockey worldwide is now played on synthetic turf. It is impossible to imagine World Cup or Champions Trophy matches without synthetic turf. Also in amateur hockey, synthetic turf systems have become well established. The main advantages cited by users are the evenness and speed of the surface, which allow extremely dynamic and exciting playing. Fully synthetic turf types and sand-filled or partially-filled turfs are primarily used in hockey.

  • FootballSynthetic turf has already established a strong market position in football in some countries. In other regions synthetic turf is currently experiencing an enormous upturn or is just beginning to establish itself. This is particularly attributable to the fact that the early turf systems (fully synthetic or sand-filled) were no longer suitable for the typical game of football. Synthetic turf made its breakthrough into football a few years ago with the introduction of sand/rubber-filled turf. For the first time, it was possible to simulate features that were very similar to natural grass and allowed players a natural game of football. The recognition of synthetic turf by international associations and FIFA since 2005 and the approval to hold Champions League and World Cup (U) matches on synthetic turf systems of the requisite standard is a reflection of these new, positive features.
  • American football, rugbySynthetic turf has also started to take off as a sports surface in these sports. Here the high resilience and durability of the system are cited as particular advantages of the synthetic turf.
  • TennisA variety of synthetic turf constructions are used in tennis, tailored to the application. The synthetic turfs can thus be used both inside in halls or outside.

Private and public garden design and landscaping

The scope of application of synthetic turf is virtually unlimited here. In public applications, the main advantage is the low maintenance costs. In many cases, synthetic turf is used in areas where the weather conditions would not allow a natural grass lawn.
The same reasons apply to the use of synthetic turf in private gardens and parks.
The turf types and raw materials used in garden design and landscaping differ from the constructions used on sports fields in many ways. For synthetic turf used in landscaping, the main consideration is achieving a green, grass-like look, and long-lasting UV stability.

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