What is Eu-syntheticturf.org?

The Eu-synthetic turf is formed to ensure quality turf, by means of :

  • Striving continuously for further improvements in product and test methods (for which ESTO has organised a Technical Committee).
  • Working according to the principles adopted in the ¬†standardisation process.
  • Fulfilling all the requirements regarding the properties, the playability and safety of synthetic turf.
  • Providing a platform that facilitates communication and good business practices between all parties to the synthetic turf industry

Every attempt will be made to dispense information that is unbiased, objective, and in the best interest of all the parties and the end-user in particular.

Uniquely positioned, we encourages professionals, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, installers and testing laboratories to become involved and participate in the shaping of this industry. Membership provides an ideal opportunity for dialogue and input.